• Jade Evans

Love, Loss and Longing: The Enchanting New Album from Larry Mindel

An unusual flux of jazz and folk within this new album from London-based artist Larry Mindel. The fruits of lockdown labour, this extra-ordinary collection of 9 tracks is sure to draw you in. Mindel creates timeless music, telling tales of lives well-lived and in flux, at ease and on the road, alone and with lovers - always searching, caring and generous...

'Love in Troubled Times' is brimming with peaceful reflections, with themes of love, loss and longing weaving in and out of each and every song. Perhaps none more than the closing track, Be Careful How You Go, which Mindel wrote at his mother’s bedside – and sang to her - as she lay dying in a London hospital in September 2020. The lyrics showcase so very poetically how it is to grieve...

'Stars in the sky tonight

Float past the quiet moon

Your footsteps forever in the grass

Where the wild orchids bloom'

There is also a beautiful video accompanying the song made up of precious family film footage. Though this is a hugely personal track, Larry explores the common ground that unites us all to help us make sense of our times. His music is for everybody.

Production was masterminded by studio owner, Julian Whitfield, who captured the warmth of the songs, the spirit of the sessions, and the love of playing denied to everyone for so long. Mindel is accompanied by a full band, and quite an outstanding one at that. There's Liam Stevens on piano, and other players from the jazz scene in London: JJ Stillwell on double bass, Callum Smith on drums and Ben Treacher on saxophone.

All in all, this is an extremely enchanting album from Larry Mindel, and we certainly look forward to his upcoming release which we hear is just around the corner.