Hey, it's Anna, founder of Decent! I'm a musician and songwriter myself so I get where you're coming from already.

My background:


I'm from the North-East, UK


My qualifications:

  • The University of Oxford: MA degree (Modern Languages)

  • BIMM Manchester: diploma in songwriting (Distinction)

  • I speak French so any French speakers - let's talk!


I'm down to earth and to-the-point, so expect me to deliver what I say I can if we work together. The artist side of me knows what it feels like to spend ages writing something and then wanting to get the exposure it deserves. I've spent the past few years working full-on to promote my own music (I'm one half of electro-pop duo Moodbay), I've learned so much about PR and marketing, and have established some great relationships with bloggers.

So whether you're busy working another job, wanting to free up more time to focus on being creative or you're just clueless about marketing - let me do it for you! I make sure that I'm getting you on to some sleek independent music blogs that truly appreciate emerging talent. Fear not, there'll be no dreaded 'starred' or 'rated' reviews - only thoughtful write-ups about your music.

What Decent can do:

  • outreach to independent online blogs to get reviews/features/interviews secured

  • design & create your EPK

  • website design


Cheers, Anna