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'Magenta Carta' - 3 Track Instrumental EP 

Release Date: Friday 29th May 2020

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About The Band

Worry Party are an ambient indie four piece, with their roots in the North of England. They create texture and movement from subtle guitars and keys - sometimes jarringly set against bold percussion and home-made samples. Punctuated with stillness and simplicity, their songs settle somewhere on the spectrum between Purity Ring and early Death Cab, with traditional instrumentation woven between layers of melodic drones. 


Band Members: 

Steven Chell - vocals, guitar, keys

Chris Old - guitar

Laura Hilton - vocal

Glenn Whitfield - bass


Influences: Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Four Tet, Modest Mouse, ARCA

Behind 'Magenta' EP

Steven Chell explains...

“We’re releasing a three track EP on May 29th which wasn’t originally going to see the light of day. With things being as they are, we’re unable to record the new songs we’ve written together, but still want to share music with you all. ‘Magenta Carta’ was recorded last year as part of a bit of experimentation with basic modular synthesis, granular synthesis, found sound, and tape recorders.


Pretty much everything you hear comes from sounds sampled from around my house, and outtakes from guitar jams between Chris and I. All the audio was then tuned to G Major and stretched to fit 110 bpm or chucked into a synthesiser as a source. The results were then spread across three distinct songs. It’s noisy and abrasive, but in the best kind of way. It was essentially born from mistakes and mess, but I f you find ten minutes of alone time with your headphones, I hope you’ll give it a listen.”

Past Release

'Souvenirs' - The EP (Deluxe Edition)

Release Date: Friday 20th March 2020

Behind 'Souvenirs' EP

SOUVENIRS is a collection of four core songs about self-discovery; both through how we see ourselves, and how we are reflected in others. Lead single 'Traveller'  ponders whether or not repeating cycles of behaviour are destructive, or whether they simply reinforce our fundamental nature and should therefore be regarded as one of the few genuine guideposts on this journey. The follow up, 'Beach Blood',  laments the idea of home, and if our uniqueness prevents us from ever feeling truly rested. The final half of the EP focuses on relationships, with 'True North' asking why consensually toxic relationships exist and what they teach us about ourselves, and 'Waves' suggesting that retaining the minutiae of daily routines indicates the existence of deeper connections than perhaps we'd first realised, and that we should always afford our company the attention they deserve before we lose those seemingly forgettable routines forever.


Initially only a passion project never intended for release, SOUVENIRS was written and recorded over the course of six months in Steven's spare room. Following positive feedback from peers, the EP was re-imagined, spearheading a new direction for Worry Party; one that moved away from ambient bedroom jams and small acoustic shows, and towards regular full band gigs with live electronics and full instrumentation.


'SOUVENIRS' will be released on March 20th, alongside instrumentals, and remixes from local producers, in addition to the four core tracks. 

North-East Landscapes

These stunning photos by Callum Robinson accompany Worry Party's releases.