Spotify is the platform I know best, and where my experience lies. 

Our main focus at Decent, as with our approach to blogs, is to target independent playlists that support new music and emerging talent. We guarantee a rough number of streams per campaign (2-3k is realistic).  

I will also set up a Pre-save link for you so that you  and I can push your music prior to release, to ensure maximum people get the music in their 'Release Radar' on Spotify when it drops. 

The Way I Work

I'll be looking at playlisters leading up to the release as and when I know works, but you'll mainly start to see the effects of that once the single has dropped and I can work it on Spotify directly. In the mean time, I'll be using your Soundcloud private link to send round and gage playlisters' interest. Just leave with me to get you some exposure - release day onwards is when you'll see the results of my work on Spotify. 

We Target Independent Playlists

We focus on securing your playlists that have a great follower count and only the highest level of engaged listeners. We target appropriate genre and mood specific playlists to ensure that your track receives attention from the right audiences. Our aim is to turn those streams into organic fans! I do not profess to be able to get you on huge Spotify editorial playlists - this is absolutely not something I work towards. As I say, we focus on various smaller independent playlists with good follower figures which contribute towards pushing your single on the platform. 

Decent does not buy streams - the streams are organic only.

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