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Traversing soundscapes from Indie-Pop, and piano-driven Folk, to transcendent Post-Rock, with soft, lilting and oh-so memorable vocals. Born in Norway & based in Berlin.

Campaign Objective

to draw existing fans and new audiences alike to the attention of new music by Tuva, continuing to grow the profile of an artist with significant critical acclaim online

Single 'Something' & Album 'New Orders'


Release Dates: September 2022 to January 2023

Highlights & Impact

We worked with Tuva and her manager Katherine for two releases, via two 6 week-long Press campaigns. The first was for single ‘Something Good’, before building on that momentum with our promotion of the full album ‘New Orders’.

Highlights included Premieres for each on the highly esteemed Wonderland Magazine (single & album), and pieces published across high-traffic sites CULTR, Notion, Earmilk and Music News. There was also support from the likes of indie music supporters When The Horn Blows, Backseat Mafia and Unrecorded, and an in-depth exclusive interview with NBHAP.

For our focus track ‘Something Good’ we were also able to gain traction over on Spotify as a consequence of excellent publicity placements, helping the single to surpass 500,000 streams, as well as over 19k views for the music video on Youtube.

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It’s always beneficial to work with an artist on more than one music release, as we are able to really build on the momentum from one campaign through to the next. The release of ‘Something Good’ as a single in its own right as well as an album focus track, allowed us to deliver excellent ‘hype-building’. We had reason to deliver consistent messaging to targeted media across the course of many weeks, with fresh perspective once the album itself landed.

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