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Todd Terry

Grammy Award nominated DJ/Producer Todd Terry is one of the world’s most celebrated figures in dance music. He has been engulfed in dance music since he first started listening to European dance music records while growing up in Brooklyn.

Campaign Objective

to breathe new life back into the artist’s previously released material + to devise a clear release strategy for three consecutive tracks in order to entice new fans and re-engage existing audiences on both Spotify & Youtube

Singles 'Give Me Your Love' & others


Release Dates: March to July 2023

Highlights & Impact

A prolific producer, with mountains of material at the ready, Todd needed to implement a concise strategy. We worked with his manager Bill to deliver three consecutive music releases that would draw attention to a pioneer of the House sound once more.

Decent provided Playlisting and Youtube campaigns for three of Todd’s tracks, spanning a five month period. In order of release, these were ‘Give Me Your Love’, ‘The Sound’ and ‘Caught My Heart’. The first and last releases were reworkings of existing tracks, whilst the middle track was something totally fresh. We thought to order them in this way would maintain interest to existing audiences who may be familiar with Todd’s tracks, whilst also enticing new fans too, particularly younger audiences who might not have yet heard of Todd. Being specific in release order alone was a crucial component of our campaigns.

Total number of streams & views

Give Me Your Love: 53k Spotify streams & 55k Youtube views

The Sound: 134k Spotify streams & 47k Youtube views

Caught My Heart: 54k Spotify streams & 48k Youtube views


Highlight playlist placements include Editorial wins for ‘Caught My Heart’ which performed particularly well out of the three tracks: Housewerk by Spotify, Breaking Dance by Apple Music and Joyful House by Apple Music.

We also secured a host of independent playlists for all three tracks such as DEEP HOUSE BASS and EDM Up. The fact we were also placed on a healthy number of algorithmic playlists such as The Sound of Classic House were proof that our targeting was working, and that our streams were totally organic, as such placements are good indicators of a healthy Spotify profile.

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Youtube Ads

Each lyric music video we worked with got over 47k views, surpassing 11k views on other recent video releases without promotional efforts by a team like Decent. We wanted to reach both new fans whilst engaging existing ones, and so our optimisation along the way ensured a healthy mix of each for the artist.

Target Audience

To build our targeted audience, we used data from Todd's Spotify for Artists which specified his top regions for sales/streaming. Examples of 'interests' we used were House Music, Dance Music, DJ, and Club Music.

Impressions: 125k and 99.2k exposures respectively, expanding his reach to new audiences.

Views: 52.9k and 43.4k respectively, showcasing strong viewer engagement with our client's music.

View Rate: 42.34% and 43.72% respectively, indicating high interest and positive response.

More info coming soon

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