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Australian Hip-Hop rising star thatboykwame (formerly just Kwame) has been securing his status as a force to be reckoned with in the rap/hyper pop landscape since his debut in 2016.

Campaign Objective

Single 'nothintwosay'


Release Date: 18th April 2024

Highlights & Impact

thatboykwame’s playlist campaign for ‘nothintwosay’ resulted in an incredibly wide reach for the release. Whilst securing editorial placements in Spotify’s own New Music Friday Australia and The Hybrid, Apple Music also featured the single in their renowned New Music Daily playlist. 

In addition, we secured placements in a multitude of independent playlists, including Ignite’s Rap Delight, UK RAP BANGERS, Dance Pop Party, Saturday Vibes and more. Algorithmic placements include The Sounds of Spotify curated The Sound of Australian Hip Hop and The Edge of Metropolis. Overall, the playlist campaign was a great success with both editorial and algorithmic generating hype around the release and bringing in a wider fanbase for thatboykwame.

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Watch & Listen

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