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Sick As Thieves

An upcoming blues/alt rock band from southeast London, blending classic rock, punk, reggae and blues.

Campaign Objective

to kickstart a healthy listenership on Spotify for the band via a Playlisting campaign for their first ever single release ‘Cloud 9’, as well to gain new fans via Radio plays, and to follow up that traction with a second release and again, Playlisting and Radio for that too

Single 'Cloud 9'


Release Date: 18 August 2023

Highlights & Impact


We secured airplay for the track on stations including...

'Cloud 9' is a gritty yet uplifting rock anthem taking influences from blues and classic rock. The track picked up support from 13 shows on rotation, and 6 presenters who connected with the release including...

  • Islington Radio - Music enthusiast Jim Dolan brings the best of new music every month on his show 'The Songbird Sessions', exclusively on Islington Radio. Chayla’s track was playlisted on rotation.

  • XS Manchester - an Independent Local Radio station serving Greater Manchester, broadcasting a mix of indie and alternative rock music, speech and news output. Supported by Jim Salveson on the XS Evening Show.

  • Reprezent - a popular youth-led radio station based in Brixton, South London that reaches young people aged between 18 and 25. The Pit London added on rotation for their show here.

  • Q Music - hugely popular Belgian radio station - they added to the rotation for weekends and shared with all Rock presenters to consider for play too, where it was picked up some more.

The band have now started their next campaign with us on new single ‘Lady Jane’.

19: Total number of stations that supported 'Cloud 9'

Earmilk Lina Screenshot.png
Lina Maxine Screenshot Wonderland (1).png




We did Playlisting for ‘Cloud 9’ and it did really well, pushing up plus 20k streams. We picked up a host of placements from a great selection of independents including The Rock Cave, Rocking Guitars, Kool - Rock Selection, Rock Arena and Rock Up.


Thanks for the kind words guys!

Watch & Listen

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