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Manny Walters

Having embedded himself in his roots and the culture of his homeland South Africa, Manny has always held a longing passion for music and the sounds you can create from just your voice and a guitar.

Campaign Objective

Manny had already enjoyed viral success on Youtube, though this was his first time venturing into press. He was interested in telling the story behind his music to both existing and new audiences. Via both press and playlisting campaigns, Manny wanted to build engagement specifically in regions where he knows he already has fans (namely the UK & US)

Single 'No Reason'


Release Date: 13 May 2022

Highlights & Impact


Though the original release date was further back than usual (May), we ran our campaigns in September 2022, as this was when Manny came to us. We helped Manny to reach new audiences via reviews and interviews secured across a handful of high-tier outlets, as well as blogs ran by passionate music lovers. Press features we secured for Manny included Notion and Earmilk, as well as tastemakers Wordplay, Plastic and Purple Melon, and high-traffic sites Music News and Music Crowns.

The release of ‘No Reason’ marked Manny’s first release in 2 years. An epic funk-soul-rock track, we wanted to get it the press it deserved to catapult the release to new online audiences, also within our target demographic. By crafting great press angles specific to the artist, we were able to communicate the journey behind this track and his career at large. Unlike streaming platforms or short TikTok sound clips, press coverage allows artists to convey their narratives and identities in much more depth. Press Angles for Manny included self-discovery and returning to the source of his South African roots.

A look at web traffic stats...

Earmilk Lina Screenshot.png
Lina Maxine Screenshot Wonderland (1).png




Over on Spotify, we increased Manny's stream count for this single, but more importantly - his overall follower count via carefully targeted playlist placements. Once more, we made sure to stick to audiences within the UK and US specifically, so as not to veer from Manny’s key listener base.

+50k streams

Placements on playlists including Indie Rock, Alternative/indie and Whiskey, which span across a multitude of appropriate genres and all have large followings who actively listen. At Decent we are all about finding quality, not just quantity.

Watch & Listen

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