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Hip-hop artist, youth mentor and podcast host crafting poignant and ambitious art.

Campaign Objective

to boost the campaign for ‘Outliers - A Creative Project by Lemzi’ release through securing high-tier press where possible, in turn targeting potential new fans

Project 'Outliers'


Release Date: 6 April 2023

Highlights & Impact

It was refreshing to work with multi-talented creative Lemzi. “OUTLIERS - A Creative Project By Lemzi” is a totally new take on the concept of a music release. Comprising of spoken word, three soulful Hip-hop EPs, avant-garde video visuals and an e-book, this was a dynamic artistic offering. In the artist’s own words: “It’s not a mixtape or an LP. It’s not a playlist or an EP, it’s a CP.”

With that being said, we wanted to get this release the attention it deserved. Press placement highlights included Hip-hop specific outlets Mixtape Madness, Stupid Dope and Wordplay, as well as popular culture platform Earmilk, and high-traffic sites Music News and Music Crowns.

At Decent we’re keen on encouraging written pieces that truly engage with the music rather than copy and pastes of press releases, and we felt that Outliers genuinely connected with tastemakers and writers alike.

A look at web traffic stats...

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Thanks for the kind words Lemzi!

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