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Jonathan Roy

A Canadian singer-songwriter propelling a unique and raspy voice to the spotlight, whilst crafting a unique blend of soul, reggae, folk and pop.

Campaign Objective

to draw attention online to three consecutive single releases via carefully targeted press placements and ensuring solid online awareness of Roy’s music, enriching his own Youtube and Spotify promotional strategies

Singles ‘Stay in Bed and F***’ & others


Release Dates: November 2022 to April 2023

Highlights & Impact

We were delighted to work with Jonathan and his manager Paul on a string of releases leading up to the release of his latest album. Following the same commitment to raw authenticity that fueled 2021’s ‘My Lullaby’, Roy has further honed his singular alt-pop sound in ‘Life Distortions’, the fullest expression yet of his evolution as both a person and artist. While still featuring the strong hooks and melodies that made his music so popular in the early years of his career, the sonic terrain of this album is truer to Jonathan than anything else he’s done to date.

The first single we worked on was ‘Stay in Bed and F***’, for which we got write-ups in Notion, Music News, Unrecorded and Earmilk amongst others. The release was a great success. On Youtube the video reached over 297k views and on Spotify, the single got 720k streams. Whilst Decent can’t proclaim to be wholly responsible for those successes, given that Roy is already an established artist with a loyal fanbase, the Press campaign we did certainly helped to strengthen the wider release strategy behind the single, by reaching new potential fans on major media outlets.

Support for subsequent singles ‘Back To The Moon’ and ‘I Wanna Feel Love’ continued with pieces in such publications as indie giants Backseat Mafia, Australian outlet Tagg, culture tastemakers Earmilk and high-traffic site Music Crowns.

As a bonus promotional effort, Decent also drew attention to a particular concert Jonathan had in Paris securing attention on the likes of Open Agenda, and the widely-read online version of French newspaper Le Parisien.

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