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Iona Sky

Anglo-American indie, pop-rock band who blend together the pop and country influences of all five members. Based in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Campaign Objective

Iona Sky already had a healthy amount of streams for their previously released singles and EP, our aim was to surpass their past Spotify streams and promote the single through strategic editorial and independent Playlist placements

EP 'Locked The Door'


Release Date: 29th March 2024

Highlights & Impact

IONA SKY’S single ‘Locked The Door’ is a compelling glimpse into the band’s introspective and emotive indie-pop rock sound. 

‘Locked The Door’ was featured on Spotify’s own playlist shockwave, building hype and awareness of IONA SKY’s freshest single. Genre-specific placements include massively followed Indie Vibes 2024 and Indie Rock Hits. Other independent placements include the Indie Rock 2024, The Best of Rock, Sad Vibes, UK Best Rock 2024, Indie Rock Spins and the hugely followed You Have No Enemies. The playlisting campaign was a huge success in getting IONA SKY’s vibrant single out to both renowned editorial and genre-relevant independents.

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Watch & Listen

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