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Hotel Ugly

Hotel Ugly found immediate success in 2020 when debut single, ‘Shut Up My Moms Calling,’ became a viral hit, garnering hundreds of millions of streams across multiple platforms as well as charting in the Billboard Top 100. Houston-based.

Campaign Objective

having gone viral through Tik-tok, Hotel Ugly wished to capitalise on this traction, securing a digital presence which he didn’t have across press outlets. The reason? To reach new audiences who weren’t social media users, whilst re-targeting those who were via a different medium. In addition, this was to get press quotes as part of his EPK for booking agents and festivals

Singles 'Action Figures Fighting' & 'Fish Maan' from album 'Ugly Duck'


Release Dates: February to March 2023

Highlights & Impact

The summery, Latin-tinged indie pop confection 'Action Figures Fighting' dropped 2nd February 2023 and our Digital Publicity campaign for this release earned attention from the likes of Earmilk, Music News and Notion. Music-loving tastemakers Unrecorded, Indie Shuffle and Backseat Mafia also supported, amongst many others. A piece with Billboard about the initial viral hit was also secured.

A second single followed suite. This was the chilled and synth driven ‘Fish Maan’ on 3rd March 2023, for which highlights included the French-speaking Another Whiskey and high-traffic site Music Crowns, in addition to reviews from renowned outlets Clash and 1883 Magazine.

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The initial success of Hotel Ugly had all happened through Spotify and Tik-tok and yet they had played quite limited shows that had garnered any press coverage. Decent’s campaigns were therefore all about getting great press in the bag for the first time. Improving Hotel Ugly’s searchability and expanding his reach across other mediums away from social media meant further exposure for the artist and an opportunity to build on the momentum he had already achieved. With two new single releases as bait, we were able to accomplish this goal successfully.

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