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Crafting edgy hip-hop pop for all to enjoy, Guard is also a self-dubbed 'meme lord' with a cult following of over 900,000 meme lovers. Based in Melbourne, Australia.

Campaign Objective

to expand his reach and to fix his algorithms on Spotify. Guard was finding that people were not returning and that he wanted to build engagement long-term. Guard also put a lot into his visuals so wanted ads to help boost those

Single 'luvbomb' & others


Release Date: April to October 2023

Highlights & Impact

Our campaign to build traction for single ‘luvbomb’ was a great success, as we implemented all three of playlisting, alongside Youtube Ads and Digital Publicity too. 

Digital Publicity

Guard also did a press campaign for 'luvbomb’ to help with his brand awareness and SEO boosting, to run alongside playlisting. This is a great idea because we can entice playlist curators with great media looks.

We secured press features in the likes of Backseat Mafia, Earmilk and Music News, as well as Australian outlet Tagg, high-traffic sites Music Crowns and Daily Beat and indie tastemakers Plastic and Noisescape.

A look at web traffic stats...

Earmilk Lina Screenshot.png
Lina Maxine Screenshot Wonderland (1).png



Youtube Ads

Here’s an overview of the ‘luvbomb’ campaign:

We optimized the audience over the course of the initial few weeks. Our client secured some solid traction on the platform for their music release. We were working with a visualiser rather than the actual music video with Guard due to a couple of complications the artist faced, yet he is looking to work with us on a video in future - which always achieves better results as there is something for the viewer to better engage with.

Impressions: 77.6k exposures, expanding his reach to new audiences.

Views: 10k, showcasing strong viewer engagement with his music.

View Rate: 12.94%, indicating high interest and positive response.


Guard’s tracks are super playlisting-friendly, hence our three brilliant Spotify Editorial wins we obtained for ‘luvbomb’ on New Music Friday AU & NZ by Spotify, chill af by Spotify and Fresh Finds AU & NZ by Spotify.

As well as Playlisting for ‘luvbomb’ we also worked on three subsequent tracks: ‘i dare u’, ‘Phantom’ & ‘Stop Being Nice To Me’. Wins for those included a host of independent placements such as SEXXX - set the mood, Pop On Air and happiness of sadness

Inclusion of the songs on plenty of Algorithmic playlists also showed that our playlisting efforts were bot-free and targeted, providing value for our client as he wanted to stray away from anything that wasn’t targeted properly for his audience specifically. Genre-niche playlists such as ‘The Edge of Electropop’ and ‘The Edge of Indie Poptimism’ showed that everything was healthy and optimised for the artist.

We continue to work with Guard, in particular on playlisting new music releases on Spotify, which continues to be a primary focus for the artist as a place to expand their following.

Thanks for the kind words Guard!

Watch & Listen

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