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David Francisco

David Francisco moves through folk, pop and indie genres with his tenderly crafted ballads, all of which leave you stopped in your tracks. Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, now based in Los Angeles.

Campaign Objective

David Francisco first gained recognition as a contestant on American Idol back in 2018. His miraculous story on a life changing accident that left him paralysed from the waist down and his subsequent recovery resonates with audiences worldwide. His music is an outlet for his experience, as he tells the story of pain, determination and courage throughout his song. The campaign objective for David’s ‘If You Should Fall In Love’ EP was to spread the news, build a new fanbase for David Francisco’s fresh release, as well as tell his inspiring story to his previous fanbase.

EP 'If You Should Fall In Love'


Release Date: 19th May 2023

Highlights & Impact


David Francisco's EP, ‘If You Should Fall In Love,’ was six tracks of tales of heartbreak and loss; whilst being a happily married man, David lent into the melancholy and ran with it, making it a step away from writing about his journey of recovery we saw in ‘Lionheart’, his previous album.

Securing press for ‘If You Fall In Love’ was crucial for David Francisco, having released a string of singles leading up to its release. We were excited to help David Francisco with his goal and set out to secure premium placements for the indie-folk artist. We hit high-tier placements, securing him a spot in Earmilk, CULTR, Music Crowns and Music News.

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We secured placements in a multitude of editorial and algorithmic Spotify playlists for David Francisco’s EP. Starting with the incredible far reaching editorial playlist Sad Songs, who boast an immense 560,334 followers. Other heavy hitters include genre relevant Depression At 3am, Upping Indie and Indie Deep. Algorithmic placements include The Edge of Viral Pop, Neo Mellow and The Edge of Indie Poptimism. Overall, we secured 15 placements in high reaching and relevant playlists for David Francisco’s impactful release.

Watch & Listen

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