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Chayla Hope

Hope’s powerful voice and impressive range have a strong and lasting emotional impact on listeners. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

Campaign Objective

to promote the digital release of album ‘Damn, Feelings’ via Digital Publicity + to bolster Chayla's presence in the UK via radio play and maintain it as one of her top 5 streaming markets

Singles from & album 'Damn, Feelings'


Release Date: 28 October 2022

Highlights & Impact

When we were approached by Chayla’s management team, our initial conversations were about the vision for Chayla Hope on the long-term as an artist. We recognised that Chayla’s sound was and can continue to be appealing to pop fans in the UK and Europe, in addition to her USA base. Chayla’s listening trends over on the DSP’s were testimony of this, and so provided the perfect starting point for our various campaigns.


Securing international digital press was a priority for Chayla, in the run-up to an important music release for her album ‘Damn, Feelings’, with focus track 'Long Way'. Highlights included placements in Notion and Earmilk. We arranged for a Premiere in Wonderland, and also spread the word across the likes of Tinnitist and Plastic, who each spoke about the album in depth. Chayla did an exclusive interview with high-traffic site Music Crowns too.

We capitalized on our strong contacts with high-tier outlets, though of course Chayla’s strong artist identity and powerful pop sound spoke for itself throughout our campaigns.

A look at web traffic stats...

Earmilk Lina Screenshot.png
Lina Maxine Screenshot Wonderland (1).png




We secured radio play for Chayla's track ‘Love In Lo-Fi’ taken from the album we had promoted for Press. The song went down really well with a variety of digital, online and community stations in the UK. Whilst Chayla is a US artist, her and her management team consider the UK as one of their top five target areas.

'Love in Lofi' is a powerful electronic, pop anthem with a killer vocal lead and infectious synth bass. The track connected with presenters including Reprezent's Miz and Del of Islington Radio, as well as highly regarded BBC presenter Tom Robinson.

  • Reprezent - a popular youth-led radio station based in Brixton, South London that reaches young people aged between 18 and 25.

  • Phonic FM - Exeter’s sound alternative – a community radio station for the city and beyond.

  • Exile FM - a popular alt online radio show with a loyal following.

  • Fresh On The Net - an independent music blog founded by BBC Radio 6 Music presenter Tom Robinson in 2009. Chayla was reviewed on their site & included in their Mixtape.

  • Islington Radio - music enthusiast Jim Dolan brings the best of new music every month on his show 'The Songbird Sessions', exclusively on Islington Radio. Chayla’s track was playlisted on rotation.

13: Total number of stations that supported  ‘Love In Lo-Fi’

The track was given airplay for an average of 3 weeks on radio playlists, with many shares across socials too. We hope to build on this momentum with subsequent single campaigns in the near future with Chayla and team.


Watch & Listen

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