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Pop artist CHAiLD's unique vocal pulls you into his melancholic musical universe. Born in Luxembourg and based in Brussels.

Campaign Objective

CHAiLD was looking to expand his online presence to mainly UK and US audiences, capitalising on the power of press to reach new audiences and share his story. His main goal for playlisting was to obtain healthy, bot-free streams from active and targeted listeners. We were promoting his EP alongside focus track of the same name ‘Urgent Care’

EP 'Urgent Care'


Release Date: 14 April 2023

Highlights & Impact


Press coverage provides artists with the opportunity to communicate their narratives and identities in real depth, more so than on streaming platforms or even social media. 

Pieces secured included the likes of large industry tastemaker Earmilk, indie favourites Purple Melon and Backseat Mafia,as well as high-traffic sites CULTR, Music Crowns, Daily Beat and Rcrd Lbl.

With CHAiLD still being at the early days of his career, securing press features will also preserve a historical account of the artist's journey, offering valuable documentation of their evolution and impact throughout time. Articles and features are available in online or print archives, enabling future fans and researchers to gain insights into an artist's early career and progression.

CHAiLD’s EP ‘Urgent Care’ is a powerful and vulnerable exploration of the artist's journey towards self-acceptance and healing. Through honest lyrics and soulful melodies, CHAiLD shares his realization that vulnerability is not a weakness but rather a way to connect with others and with oneself. 

A look at web traffic stats...

Earmilk Lina Screenshot.png
Lina Maxine Screenshot Wonderland (1).png




We earned playlist placements for focus track from the EP of the same name ‘Urgent Care’ on two Editorial spots: New Music Friday BE by Spotify and Made in Luxembourg by Spotify, as well as a host of genre-specific independent playlists such as Pop Up and Pop Hub.

Despite the low followers, algorithmic placements on the likes of The Edge of Vocal House are always a great sign that everything on an artist’s Spotify is looking healthy - no bots, and targeted properly.

Watch & Listen

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