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Andrew Ash

A genre-fusing singer-songwriter emerging from the queer-pop scene of Portland, Oregon.

Campaign Objective

The artist had never focused much on their Spotify, and so this was an important first opportunity to grow on the platform, and reach targeted new listeners. The single release for ‘Outta My League’ coincided with a video release and so the artist wanted to use that as an opportunity to reach another audience on a different platform too

Single 'Outta My League'


Release Date: 21 April 2023

Highlights & Impact


‘Outta My League’ is a feel-good, synth-heavy 80’s inspired disco jam that is set on empowering listeners to take the leap of faith in love.

The track garnered support from a ton of independent playlists including Indie Temptations by Select, Indie Worship by Enroute, Pop Rising by Soaved and Pop Hub by NPO Group. The track achieved 16,500 streams.

We also did playlisting for a second single ‘I Think I'm Ready For Love’, which is another feel-good 80s-inspired love track. The fact that Andrew has a distinct sound that is consistent only helps with our pitching. Playlist placements included Upping Indie by Soaved and Indie Up by The Way Is Up.

Despite the low followers, algorithmic placements on the likes of The Edge Of Talent Show and The Edge of Latin Viral Pop are always a great sign that everything on an artist’s Spotify is looking healthy - no bots, and targeted properly. 

We managed to gain +47,000 streams for this track, the most the artist has had to date on a song. Two consecutive single releases gave us plenty to play with and we were able to surpass the success of the first single with the second.

Thanks for the kind words Andrew!

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Youtube Ads

Our Youtube campaign for the ‘Outta My League’ music video…

More info coming soon

Watch & Listen

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