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Lithuanian-Canadian singer-songwriter, Aistis, delves deeply into the human condition with his haunting blend of alt-pop and indie-rock.

Campaign Objective

to boost and build upon a healthy listenership on Spotify for the artist via a Playlisting Campaign for his tenth release, as well to expand Aistis’ fanbase through a strategic, genre-focused take on Playlist placements.

Plateau Botticelli


Release Date: 24th April 2024

Highlights & Impact

Aistis offers a unique alt-rock meets indie-pop sound. It’s vulnerable and atmospheric, whilst remaining rooted in the catchy nature of indie. As such, the playlisting campaign focused on targeting areas of Spotify where fans of an alternative sound reside. 

As a Canadian-based artist, Aistis was quickly picked up by the tastemakers of Spotify in that region. Beginning with editorial placements, we secured ‘Plateau Botticelli’ on Spotify’s own Fresh Finds Canada and Montreal Chill

For independent playlists, Aistis’ release was featured by genre-specific playlists including the wide-reaching Indie Vibes 2024, New Indie Rock, Bedroom Pop, Indie Family | 2024 Selections, and more. The Edge of Stomp and Holler was a win on the algorithm side of playlisting and saw Aistis find his niche of listeners on the platform. Overall, ‘Plateau Botticelli’ was featured on playlists with a cumulative reach of just under 350,000 future fans, boosting the presence of the release and bringing Aistis’ sensational alt-rock sound into the ears of those fanbases.

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