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Wrong Foot Forward: The New Track from Kid Apollo

Rory Mullan aka Kid Apollo is all about pouring his heart into the music he makes. Hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland, this artist has been able to concoct a deeply personal and unique sound.

Perhaps, the fact that he actually produces and performs his songs out of his own bedroom studio has something to do with that! Big studies are definitely cool, but there is something quite special about being able to make music in a familiar environment, without a deadline and without the need to necessarily spend a lot of money on crazy hourly rates. At the end of the day, it’s all about the vibe, and Kid Apollo delivers some incredibly catchy bangers, including his most recent release, Wrong Foot Forward, which feels like a powerful emotional statement steeped in catchy hooks. This one is definitely for you if you do enjoy artists such as The Lumineers, as well as Imagine Dragons, only to name but a few.

Find out more about Kid Apollo, and make sure to check out this fantastic new release, available to stream and download on all major platforms, including Spotify.

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