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World Goes Round Remind Us Of What’s Real In ‘Rebel Heart’

It’s safe to say that at present, we’re all looking for a pick-me-up to life our spirits and lead us through lockdown life. Well, luckily for us, World Goes Round are back with another undeniable banger set to do just that. ‘Rebel Heart’ is the new single bursting onto our playlist on the 22nd of this month. Yet, it’s not just the sensational songs that inaugurate this group as such an important act rising the ranks this year, but also the fascinating history that’s led to the highly anticipated release of their self-titled album ‘World Goes Round.’ Made up of Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Jeff Hull and Marty Walsh, the band boasts an overwhelmingly impressive roster of collaborations between them - Chaka Khan, Queen and Dolly Parton to name but a few of an incredibly well-renowned list. Back in the day, the group grew tired of the constraints of penning hit for other artists, so grouped teaming up they relished in their newfound lyrical freedom. Unfortunately, due to a host of reasons, these songs have languished unheard and hidden away for almost thirty years. Yet, luckily for us, finally these tracks have found freedom and are colouring our daily soundtracks with the electric energy of the eighties.

‘Rebel Heart’ is one of these musical gems set to be released from the treasure chest. It’s no doubt this track will be touching hearts and inspiring minds. It becomes increasingly evident with this track that either World Goes Round are literal time travellers, or they are the epitome of being ahead of your time. Sailing over a solid foundation of striking synths and pounding drums, Elizabeth and Frank use their vibrant vocals to cite the importance of revolution, staying to true to you as an individual and truly having a ‘rebel heart’. Right now, with an over-saturated society and pretty much from every angle someone is telling you what to be, look like and wear, World Goes Round has released a liberating hit set to remind us that there is nothing else you can be but yourself - and it’s phenomenal. With Tommy Vicari (the mind behind the music from the likes of Prince and Barbra Streisand) mixing this track straight from cassette, the soulful, synth-based sound of the eighties has definitely not lost its flair. So, as we slowly ease into the new year, let World Goes Round score your soundtrack with their most uplifting, empowering track to date.

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