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Sleek West Coast Hip Hop From DBizz Featuring Iamsu!

Hip hop artist DBizz has released his first single of the year, ‘Jade,’ featuring Iamsu!. It’s a cheeky track based on the real-life experiences of songwriters and artists DBizz and Iamsu! Both have witnessed what dancers in Las Vegas nightclubs go through.

Combined with a smooth rhythm, ‘Jade’ offers three perspectives - one for each of the rappers and one from the dancers’ point of view. ‘Jade’ also toys with the idea of being in a relationship with someone who is a dancer. There are certainly rather ostentatious and adult themes, as is often the case with hiphop music, yet what’s refreshing is that DBizz does indeed provide us with the viewpoint of the dancer herself, thereby toning down some of the otherwise overt misogyny which is a sad reality within this genre.

DBizz’s music is heavily influenced by the West Coast, having been born and raised in several cities near the Bay area. The instrumentation features beautiful jazzy piano chords and a dirty synth riff forming part of the song’s sexy rhythm section. Vocals feature auto-tune in the style of Lil Wayne, Kanye West and other rappers in this genre.

The rapping in ‘Jade’ is on fire, and contrasts with the sleek chorus featuring legato singing. There are definite 90s influences but it is also clearly a song from 2020 with something fresh in the delivery of the vocal and musical sensibilities. It’s a very catchy song that will have people swaying. For fans of rap and hiphop, DBizz is definitely one to watch.

“Iamsu! is dope, he works fast and he brings a nice up beat style to the song,” says DBizz as he recalls working with the rapper/singer-songwriter.

‘Jade’ is available now on all major platforms. Follow DBizz on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more information

Link to the single to stream/download:

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