• Jade Evans

Wendy Halo’s Single ‘Fire and Ice’ Is Out!

International artist, Wendy Halo released her pop hit, ‘Fire and Ice’ in March. It’s a funky, feel-good R&B record showcasing Halo’s passion for conveying feisty messages of encouragement through her songwriting and music. ‘Fire and Ice’ is about a relationship where opposites attract, yet she wants her partner to become more attentive and more passionate. While he is like ice, she is the fire and works to ‘fire’ him up.

Wendy Halo has a very non-traditional and interesting route into music. She was originally working a stressful corporate management position in Central London, but quit after being drawn to the beauty of Marbella, Spain and the fulfilling destiny of creating new music to share with the world. Not one to draw from a single pool of creative inspiration, Wendy Halo’s diverse outlook towards the music writing process can be clearly heard in the many layers that make up her inspired songs. As the cold corporate world faded for Wendy, a warmer experience was to be found in Spain, and it is here that the beautiful Wendy Halo had found herself diving deeper and exploring further into the styles of jazz, funk, R&B, opera and pop music, all of which can be heard in the music that she creates. For Halo, music is something powerfully primal.

In a recent instagram post, where the artist is very active and engages with her fans on a regular basis, she posted the following which shows some of her attitude: ‘Music conveys such a deep level of emotions and from the soul it evokes a deepness that is personal and brings so much joy. I don’t know what your thoughts are but when music is expressed in a large group a congregation, concert hall or in a stadium, It can send glorious waves of positive energy with a euphoric climax that leads to a memorable experience .I do hope that concerts resume in the near future..🤩❤️’

Wendy Halo is currently putting the final touches to her EP which will be released at the end of this year. In the meantime, enjoy her single ‘Fire and Ice’, out on all major platforms.

Listen here: www.wendyhalo.com

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