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Decent Meets Enigmatic Electronic Producer Xaatu

Xaatu is the enticing electronic project of 24 year old Sandy Quigley. The music features elements of Trap and Wave, combined with more experimental electronic soundscapes. He creates delicious electronic textures, having started producing aged just 16. We have a chat to this dynamic producer and performer about both his musical aspirations and inspirations.

Where are you from and where are you based now?

I’m from Whittonstall, and I’m based between there and Newcastle now.

When are you next playing live?

My next live show is as my lofi side project “Axuta" - it was originally supposed to be on March 21st but it’s been pushed back to June 20th due to COVID-19. I’ll be playing alongside John Dole, performing a number of songs we wrote together and some of our own tracks too. Bonsai Barnacle and Vacant Houses are also playing, so get yourself down to Little Buildings!

As Xaatu I’ve just signed with a new booking agent and there is talks of a whole host of international shows once the travel restrictions are relaxed.

What music did you listen to growing up and who inspires you musically now?

Growing up I listened to all sorts; from Emo and Pop Punk to Dubstep and Classical - and everything in-between.

Now my main influences are predominantly electronic producers. Sam Gellaitry, SOPHIE, Flume and Pearl White all influence my sound, and I listen to a combination of them alongside artists like Yung Lean and Bladee; whose art inspires other aspects of my music.

Do you play any instruments?

My main instruments are guitar and piano - I can play others too, but not as well. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 6(ish), and then picked up piano while at uni.

What's next for you musically?

I’ve got a load of exciting new projects in the works, later this month theres a new track coming out with Sågaboi called “Fountain”, with other songs set to follow it up in the near future.

I’m also involved in a really interesting new project with Anna Blaise, which is a more pop-orientated style but with some dark and experimental themes. It’s early days, but expect some magic!

There is also a project with a couple of amazing producers/rappers, with around a year worth of unreleased material which will all be kicking off shortly - but it’s all under wraps for now.

What people are saying

“the best way to describe them would be sonic landscapes; each track transports you into itʼs own unique spacey dimension with well thought out and intricately layered beats.” - (Ride Music)

“an amazingly clever and concise producer and student who, despite his young age, is by far one of the best musicians I've heard over the last couple of months.” - Jonnie Knights (Spotlight UK)

“Xaatu must be like some kind of electronic wizard, crafting new sounds never heard before. James Reay (Spotlight UK)

Listen to 'Save Me'

Xaatu just released his latest single 'Save Me' on April 24th and it's killer.

Listen to 'Save Me' HERE.

Follow Xaatu:

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