• Wilf Hadow

WE R OK Release Alt-Pop Groove 'Rolling Stoned'

'Rolling Stoned’ is the second single released by the newly-formed NYC duo, WE R OK. While similar to their debut, ‘Ghosts’, in its light-hearted contemplation of the despair we can often find ourselves in, the single is more candid and direct in its reflection of the all too prevalent hardship in our lives, and our tendency to fill that void with naughty substances. That being said, the joyful, upbeat feel of the instrumental and catchy chorus playfully juxtaposes the nihilistic lyrical content, resulting in a relatable and uplifting track.

Check Out WE R OK's Lyric Video for 'Rolling Stoned'

The duo emanates an alt-pop groove, similar to that of WALK THE MOON, and the track’s simple yet captivating melody, with stripped back intersections of troubled spoken word, ‘Maybe I’m just having fun/Maybe it’s addiction’, offers a sympathetic and therapeutic exploration into the self-destructive patterns we sometimes find ourselves in. At the same time, there is an overarching mood that suggests we are all in the same ‘motherfucking boat’ navigating an increasingly complex current and this knowledge that we are not alone in the struggle acts as reassurance. No matter how deeply the honesty of the lyrics resonates with you, its infectious energy and droll frankness make ‘Rolling Stoned’ both an ideal pick-me-up for the morning after a heavy weekend and a great sing-along anthem for the car. Despite the depressing nature of the lyrics, the music’s buoyant and rebellious attitude ultimately prevents the track from injecting further despair but rather serves to symbolise the light within the dark in a comedic fashion. In this way, the track leaves the listener with an underlying sense of optimism, as if to say, we are okay.

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