• Jade Evans

We Chat With Enigmatic Artist 'Impostor'

Impostor is an enigmatic emerging artist - let's find out more. Impostor's most recent release is the epic album 'The Love Above' which is out now on all major digital platforms.

Which artists are you most inspired by and why?

I love musical chameleons, the type of artists that are constantly changing their style that generate a good body of work and have longevity. I have been particularly inspired by (i.e. Daft Punk, Air, Nile Rodgers & Chic, Slave, OutKast, Cameo, Andre 3000, David Bowie, Calvin Harris, Stevie Wonder etc.). I also love the experimentally versatile in the unusual. Currently, I am particularly into ThunderKats and other bands that have a predominantly heavy bass presence in their music.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your release

This is fourth album from a series of albums that where borne through a ‘proof of concept’ idea to see if an album could be released from end to end without using the conventional industry process (i.e. the album was recorded produced and mastered entirely on iPad/ Mac Air). The first 3 albums chart the journey to spiritual enlightenment whilst the fourth album, which continues with this unconventional mode of recording and completed during lockdown, celebrates life love and all its levels. I am currently recording the 5th Album.

What circumstances or events make you write a song?

Sights, sounds and moments generally inspire me. I travel a lot and I tend to do a lot of my recording whilst abroad or on the move or in different spaces and places.

What’s a day like in the studio for you guys?

As its just me and because of my mode of recording it can vary from being holed up in a small office space/hotel room, to writing on a plane or recently recording on a beach in Dominican Republic. My studio is more or less portable. It is genuinely surprising what and where you can record giving the technology these days.

What’s your band’s guilty musical pleasure?

Any band with a great bass player that is predominant in the song gets me hooked. I am listening to a lot of HAIM at the moment. I think the bass player is awesome. I also love a bit of Rita Ora. I’d love to do a collab with her someday.

What do you like most about playing live?

I like to combine art forms in a performance. Its not just about the music its about the presence and being thought provoking ranging from the actual setting to the venue. I like to stir emotions using imagery from my performance especially exploiting the unusual or unexpected.

Tell us more about your approach to making art…..Is it DIY or do you have anyone helping out?

It is all DIY from playing the instruments, to the recording to the mixing to the mastering. However, the next album will consists of collaboration of various artists (remotely). I will be applying a model of six degrees of separation to identify the artists that I will be collaborating and hopefully it will mushroom to have some major players. The approach will be like the paper clip challenge where you work start with a paper clip and exchange until you finally get a house. I am going to try this approach to collaborating and hopefully I’ll end up collaborating with one of my idols, someone like Seal.

Stream Impostor's single 'Everlasting (Love That's Never Over) HERE

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