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We Chat To Joe Fox of Indie-rock Band Joe Fox & The Frantics

Los Angeles based and Seattle born, indie dance-rock band Joe Fox & The Frantics came together in 2016 as the new creative project for singer/songwriter Joe Fox and producer/multi-instrumentalist Aaron Edwards (The Cab, Sick Puppies). Expect a unique blend of indie, pop, and British alternative. Infectious grooves and strong story-telling are combined with energetic live shows. We chat to Joe Fox after the release of unforgettable new single 'Smoke Show'...

Firstly, who is Joe Fox & The Frantics?

Joe Fox & The Frantics is me! I’ve been making music for a long time, since I was in school. I’ve been in a lot of pop-punk/alternative/indie bands over the years and I think this band is the most authentically me. It’s all of the things that I enjoy in music. It combines my love of British indie, dance, funk, and rock into one project.

What’s a typical day in the studio look like?

A typical day in the studio with my producers/writing partners Aaron and Corey usually starts fairly early. We like to grab some coffee to get the creative juices flowing. Then we’ll listen to some music to get inspired; always something different. Lately it’s been a lot of old funk records like Parliament or Sly and the Family Stone. After that we break out guitars or keyboards and start messing around. Music almost always comes before lyrics.

Which of the 3 tracks you’ve released recently (Bewitched, Dancin Shoes, Smoke Show) is your favourite and why?

Of the three tracks I released most recently I’d say my favorite is probably Bewitched. It’s a little bit Bowie and a little bit Alex Turner so I love the vibes of that song.

Other than music, what do you enjoy?

Other than music I love doing deep dives on almost anything. Once I start something I get obsessed and go all in. Lately it’s been a lot of golf. The weather has been great and both my brother-in-law Tony and my producer Corey are big golfers. I also love film and spending a day in the kitchen. Anything that’s fun and physical or creative.

You seem quite fashion-passionate; tell us more about your ‘look’.

Fashion definitely plays a big part in my life. I think it’s so important to curate a look that feels as much a part of me as the music does. Big bold patterns and colors are definitely my favorite. It goes with the vibe of the band I think. I love the work that Anthony Vaccarello is doing at Saint Laurent especially with how he’s bringing music into the brand. They’re doing a new live series in the stores and I’ve discovered some great new bands that way like Keep Dancing, Inc. out of France.

For your new single ‘Smoke Show’, what was your creative process when producing this track?

My creative process when I worked on Smoke Show with Aaron and Corey was a very organic one. Aaron wrote the main guitar riff after we found a drum groove that we really liked and have the stomp vibe we were going for. Lyrically we wanted to write the perfect song for getting ready to go out. We really loved the idea of writing a song to pump up the girls before a night out.

How has being from Seattle and then living in Los Angeles influenced your sound as a duo?

I think being in Seattle for a New Years before relocating to LA definitely had an impact on Joe Fox & The Frantics musically. Both LA and Seattle are such great music cities that both bring their own style. Seattle really got me into the riff based, darker indie rock while LA inspired me to write the more funk oriented bass and drum grooves. I’d say those things definitely combined to help me find the project’s sound.

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