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Upcoming Florida Rap Artist VBAE Drops New Single "Cash"

Multifaceted rap vocalist and producer VBAE continues her momentum with high-energy new track "Cash" making it clear she has her eyes on the prize.

Boston-born, Florida-based VBAE exudes enthusiasm. First breaking into the public eye as a

model and actress, she quickly showed another wildly-talented side of her ability in crafting and performing infectious rap music. Stepping up both behind the mic and as a producer VBAE just dropped her latest single “Cash”, a super-charged, swagger-filled song which makes it clear she plans on succeeding in a big way. The combination of skill and passion is quite compelling and may be just what the rap world is looking for in 2020 and beyond.

“So many L’s now I’m up what you expect,” commented VBAE with a smile. “I love

entertaining and raw honesty so rap is a natural domain for me.”

In her personal life VBAE is a committed vegan, something she isn’t shy about dropping hints about in her songs for those who are paying attention. So far she’s released a full EP, and two other singles, which are all available for streaming and download online. Both her releases and her YouTube videos, which also showcase her beauty and personality, have been met by rap fans with enthusiasm. Expect “Cash” to get the best response yet.

"Cash" is available now on all of the major digital platforms.

Expect more music from the lyricist, songwriter and producer soon, with live performances

planned as soon as conditions permit.

For more information on VBAE and to stay caught up with her latest news be sure to visit: www.vbae.me

About VBAE

Victoria Peredetto, professionally known as VBAE™, was born in Boston MA where she spent

most of her early childhood years. At 14, she moved to central Florida and got her start in

modeling and acting. After establishing herself for a number of years, she has recently

transitioned to her true passion - music. Over the years Vbae has established herself as a professional rap artist, music producer, actress, and model.

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