• Jade Evans

Tobias Sarra’s Latest Album ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’ Leaves Us In Awe

Tobias Sarra has released his first feature length album ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’ — and it’s a game changer. His experimental, genre-fusing approach has formed the foundations for a host of singles and EP’s, with his debut release ‘Okay You Got Me’ only being back in 2019. Two years on and Tobias Sarra has outdone himself once again. ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’ is an album rich with stunning sonic worlds. This full-length album is remarkably diverse, delving into varying realms of Tobias Sarra’s influence. From the worlds of free improvisation, experimental ambience, folk and traditional world music and avant-pop, Tobias Sarra has sculpted a sonic landscape that is sincerely his own.

At the core of this captivating album is Tobias Sarra’s uniquely powerful vocals. He leads us through the immersive instrumentals with quiet confidence, showcasing his astounding emotional range. Tobias Sarra is an artist toeing the line of sonic art and single-worthy tracks — ‘A Beige Kind of Grey’ boasts both. From the intriguing interlude ‘Squelching Butterfly Plums’ to the jazzier, vocal-led ’Something Natural’, there’s a track for each emotional season within this album, all sewn together seamlessly by Tobias Sarra’s vibrant vocal performance.


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