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This Or That? - The Fur Edition

We play our rapid fire question game with EDM artist and producer The Fur!

Dub-Step Remix or Guest Rap Feature?

Rap for sure, would love that!

Live Gig or Livestream?

Live please, getting a bit bored with the stream thingy now...

Festival or Gig?

Gig for me please.

Instagram or Twitter?

IG for sure, I don't even have the Twitter app. (Or actually I do, but it felt right to claim that I don't.)

Crowd of 50 who are all fans of your music, or crowd of 100 who don’t know you yet?

If I had 50 people you liked my music I'd be really happy!

Recording Booth or Bedroom Studio?

Bedroom for sure, I don't like traditional studios much.

Cover a classic or write an original?

Creating original music is really my main drive, so that's an easy one.

Pre-show ritual or post-show drinks?

Post-show drinks sound nice. I'm not into rituals in general.

Being too warm or too cold during a show?

I don't think I've ever been too cold during a show. After all, I am The Fur.

Guitar Solo or Stacked Harmonies?

I mean, what is better than a guitar solo???


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