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The Lost Gecko Set To Release New Single 'Brothers'

This 30th June, Cork-based Modern Folk Trio The Lost Gecko will release their brand new single 'Brothers'. This is a powerful, emotive and socially historic song, and the first single from the band's upcoming EP 'Scatterbox'. Let's find out more, ahead of release day.

‘Brothers’ is a song about community and compassion for our fellow human beings in our time of most need.

In 1847, Ireland was in the grip of the potato famine; millions were starving and millions were leaving (if they were able to). The Choctaw Native Americans learned of the plight of the Irish and set about raising as much money as they could to send to them. They raised $170, equivalent to about $5,000 in today's money. As a result of their generosity, there is a monument named ‘Kindred Spirits’ that stands in Ballick Park, Midleton, Co.Cork to commemorate this. Today, the Irish are helping the same tribe as Covid 19 rampages across the globe.

'Brothers' is a beautiful track that is sure to warm your soul. Beginning with the sweet sound of bird song, the track evolves into an expertly crafted musical arrangement featuring warm strings and the spine-tingling vocal of Malcolm. Around two thirds of the way through, a gentle beat joins in, and the track further expands into a glorious sonic wonderland.


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