• Jade Evans

The Dream Team: Not Now Norman, Victoria Owsnett & Geo Moon's New Single

A match made in heaven; a dream team. Not Now Norman have teamed up with producer Geo Moon and guest vocalist Victoria Owsnett to deliver an unforgettable reworking of an existing track of theirs.

From left to right: Victoria Owsnett, Geo Moon, Taylor of Not Now Norman, Single artwork

This time, Taylor of Not Now Norman unites with singer and songwriter in her own right, Victoria Owsnett to deliver a track with a theme close to home for them both...

After escaping a domestic abusive relationship from the same abuser, singer Taylor-Grace and Victoria Owsnett find support and healing from each other as they confront the monster their former partner truly is. This track is a reworking of an original version, this time featuring guest vocals from Victoria Owsnett and a new spin on the meaning. The song is inspired from stories from other victims of domestic abuse. The song focuses on both women sharing their stories and realising that they are now free from their abuser. The two continue to support each other and others.

Make sure to check out the new single, produced by Geo Moon here:


Not Now Norman: https://www.instagram.com/notnownorman/

Victoria Owsnett: https://www.instagram.com/victoriaowsnett/

Geo Moon: https://www.instagram.com/geo_moon_/