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T.E. Yates Releases Stunning Studio EP ‘Strange Weather’

In his second studio album, T.E. Yates showcases exactly why he’s such a force to be reckoned with. The EP is made up of six expertly sculpted songs, all showcasing a different side to the versatile folk artist. T.E. Yates, a multi-instrumentalist from Bristol, is known for his enigmatic, folk-infused singles. This latest EP is no different.

‘Strange Weather’ boasts bold tracks such as ‘Condition’ — a folk-tinged single based on nature as a neurodivergent individual in a neurotypical world — and rock focused ‘Jack of All Trades’. It also holds hidden ballad-like gems such as ‘Palace of Your Master’ which swims through your speakers with gentle ease. A highlight is ‘Mystery Window’ which boasts a blues air, rich with catchy hooks and riveting riffs. With producer Biff Roxby on hand to harness the musical magic of T.E. Yates, ‘Strange Weather’ is an effortless evolution from ‘Possessed,’ T.E. Yates’ debut EP.


Listen to ‘Strange Weather’ on SPOTIFY NOW

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