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Spotlight: The Artists Behind Christmas Charity Single 'Christmas of Hope'

'Christmas of Hope' will be out this Friday 18th December. It is a truly joyous Christmas song which seeks to raise funds for Help Musicians UK. The song is the result of a collaboration between a number of musicians, songwriters, singers and producers.

Artwork designed by Glen Jevon (

Musicians Together are eight independent music artists from the UK and Canada who consists of Elyse Aeryn, Michael Parma, Maddisun, Slick Division, ELA, Sam Jefferson, Jenny Deacon and James Millier. It was Millier who originally came up with the idea for the charity single by a numner of independent music artists.

Straight away he approached his producer pal Olli Daffarn from Blue Dot Studios who he had worked with quite a few times on his music and thanks to Olli due to working with many people in the music industry he recommended to James that he should work with songwriter Jenny Deacon who is the musical director of the Sweet Charity Choir.

Sweet Charity Choir is an award-winning community choir, established in 2017 in the South of England and believes in singing together and supporting others! Pre-pandemic they raised money at performances and rehearsals through donations for tea and cake, and since lockdown forced choirs to close the choir have taken to virtual performances to raise money via the internet! Since opening in 2017 Sweet Charity Choir have raised over £54,000 for multiple charities!

expect a full-on Christmas single

Decent have been fortunate to hear the single ahead of time and we can only say this: it's quite simply, a rich, warm and joyous ode to Christmas and the act of giving, that will soothe and uplift it's listeners. The songwriting is exceptional, as is the arrangement and production. It's certainly a stand-out track that rivals the great Christmas favourites.

'Christmas of Hope' arrives on Friday 18th December, where it will be available at the link HERE

Everyone involved would kindly like to encourage downloads via Bandcamp & Amazon where possible, to maximise the monies raised for the chosen charity.

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