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Seeing Red: Etoile Marley drops lo-fi vibey video for 'Do You (OohLaLa)'

Let us first paint the scene - Etoile Marley has only recently dropped her magical 6-track EP at the end of November. She had previously released a couple of singles from the EP which were the soulful 'Cuffing Season' and the kooky 'LockItDown'. We were then gifted with a further four tracks when the EP came out.

Now, one of the tracks on there - 'Do You (OohLaLa)' has a gorgeous new video so thank you Etoile! This is an artist who always accompanies her work with striking visuals, being an artist who is skilled across multiple disciplines - writing and performing music (Etoile is in fact an ex-circus performer!), writing lyrics akin to poetry and also - as is apparent here - shooting uber-creative videos. Not to mention, the kooky press shots (see below!)

Watch it here:

Photo credits: (superhero-style) Chantal Vaccarini; (dark background) 7kivanc7

Go follow Etoile Marley over on her newly refreshed Instagram profile HERE

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