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Get To Know UK Synth-Rock Trio Sapien Trace

(Questions answered by lead vocalist Mark Dee)

How did you three get together and where did the name Sapien Trace come from?

I put out an advert online for setting up an electronica orientated band and after a few false starts, I met Alex through someone I was working with. Dan replied to an ad we placed and we hit it off straight away.

The name came from some of the lyrics in one of our early songs "sapien traces where nothing can breathe" - it was about the end of the world. Aliens come to save us but they are too late and all that is left is ruins and monuments, traces of homo sapiens basically. Jolly stuff!

How would you describe Sapien Trace’s sound?

I think our sound is electronica with a twist of rock. Our influences, much like our own sound, are quite diverse - from Skrillex and Pendulum to Goldfrapp and Daft Punk.

What are the themes behind your new single ‘More Than I Can Give’?

'More Than I Can Give' is about how sometimes you can’t help not fancying someone yet they don’t get the message and you are still trying to get the message across politely. Unrequited love and the pain it can cause on both sides, basically. Jeez more jollyness!

You’re based in the North-East, UK. What’s the local music scene like?

The scene is becoming more diverse. Originally we struggled to get gigs and found some resistance as we weren't a known band or 3 guitars and a drum kit which is all some folks can see without looking at the merits of diversity in music. But hey, we all have different tastes - its just about keeping going. Now the scene is expanding and we have found so many talented artists we have loved working with and some pretty fabulous venues. I am the one approaching and sourcing the gigs usually. It's about plugging away. I'm pleased to say we are often invited back and have recently started getting approached by venues which is really encouraging.

What does Sapien Trace have in store for the rest of 2020?

2020 will be full of more recording and working on new material. We'll also be focussing on building our online presence. We are in a 'Battle Of The Bands' this Thursday at Bubbles in Ashington and have organised a Musicians Against Homelessness gig with some amazing artists at the Globe on March 13th. Then we have a few gigs and festivals in the pipeline.

Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with, (dead or alive)?

Locally we would like to work with Moodbay, AXLS and Human X. Other artists would be Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Wilkinson, Frankie Wah, Rudimental, MNEK, Aluna George, Chase and Status, Goldfrapp. Sheesh the list could go on for ever!

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Listen to latest single 'More Than I Can Give':

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