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Sandra's Wedding's 'Frame Yourself' Is An Album To Remember

North-East-natives Sandra's Wedding released their second album 'Frame Yourself' in 2020, and it's certainly food for thought. These 11-tracks examine human behaviours, with each song like a clip taken from a documentary on relationships.

A depressed builder, a couple staggering home amidst yet another argument, wannabe football hooligans hitting the town, desperate prayers for freedom should their other half have a car crash; Frame Yourself is a series of domestics set to the band's trademark jangle-pop sound.​

Frontman Joe comments: “There's hate, jealousy, love, loss, salvation all wrapped up in there. It wasn't an intentional direction that we went in but as the album was finished it became clear that it was a very people centric album. Lot's of characters, not all necessarily nice or to be celebrated.”

Intricate musical arrangement, a striking lead vocal and poetic humour-tinged lyrics caught our attention. Go take a listen for yourself!

We urge you to download ‘Frame Yourself’ via Bandcamp HERE as it’s awesome, end of.

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