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Rising R&B Artist Fitch Means Releases Latest Single 'Pretend'

Fitch Means is a fresh upcoming talent and he means business. An American singer songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Fitch is one to watch. His music is a fusion of The Weeknd and Drake and a hybrid of r&b, pop and hiphop.

Fitch Means' music is clearly from the heart and his lyrics are emotive and straight-talking: 'You keep me drowning' he sings in latest single 'Pretend', a song about a difficult love affair that isn't working out.

The protagonist doesn't want to 'pretend' to be friends and gloss over their issues when there is so much more in their history together. The song is mellow and sexy, with synth bass and sleek percussion. It packs enough punch to make it memorable, leaving us to feel somewhat relaxed.

There's a music video accompanying this release. This video cinematically shows the opposition between dark and light, right and wrong, good and bad, in a relationship. Fitch hopes that by watching the music video, viewers will know that “you don’t have to be unhappy! There’s so much out there in the world that you can experience and you can live with lots of love.”

Fitch is clearly an ambitious artist who has lots planned for the future.


'Pretend' is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. The music video is now available on Youtube.

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Stream latest single 'Pretend' HERE

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