• Jade Evans

redbook Release Luscious Live Performance of 'little friend'

redbook are the dynamic duo dominating our playlists this cold season. The musical magicians known as redbook (no capital, ever) is made up of Swiss-born singing sensation Soraya and British-born guitar-pro Jake Tweddle. Having been on the music circuit for a while now, redbook have a sea of singles and EP’s behind them. Yet their latest addition, ‘little friend,’ might just be their most fully realised track to date. ‘little friend’ is the luscious single basting all the beauty of a ballad, with a special redbook sprinkle thrown in. Utilising choir-like harmonies, Soraya’s vocals sail over the guitar sculpted soundscape. You wouldn’t of thought this track could get any better - until the live recording was released.

‘little friend’ live at the Old Saxon Church is just what our long lockdown was looking for. This live experience showcases the musical mastery that inaugurates rebook as such a vital act rising the ranks this year. Soraya’s vocals sailed through my speakers when I first snuck at look at this performance, radiating with the rich quality of Soraya’s pipes. Jake’s strumming swims with Soraya through the sound waves. With this solid foundation of stylistic strums, redbook utilise the bolstering backing of an all-male choir, sending Soraya’s vocals to a whole new dimension. redbook are most certainly on the rise going into next year, and right now, we just want to be friends of the band - little or otherwise.

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