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Raíz Releases Sensational Single 'Over You'

Raíz is back with another sensational song set to lift our spirits and keep us vibing this winter. Coming off the back of his hugely successful debut ‘Nightmare,’ ‘Over You’ is his fresh track ready to get us in our feels. The Swiss-born singer is gracing our grey days with his utterly infectious millennial bops and smooth tones. Whilst fusing with London’s multicultural music scene, Raíz goes from strength to strength this year. Utilising the enduring force of a bored musician, Raíz relished the gift of time and solitude amid the globe’s isolation and set out to secure his place as a hot musician rising the ranks this year - and, trust me, he succeeded. With over twenty-thousand streams on his debut in the past month alone, it’s evident that the rising star Raíz is set to dominate airwaves all over the globe the year.

‘Over You’ is the vibrant track bursting into our playlists this winter. This latest track is a smooth transition from impactful thematics of ‘Nightmare,’ as the semantic fields of love and nostalgia flows seamlessly from one song to another. Its’ soundscape is swimming with soft synth beds and striking synth melodies, with graceful guitar licks thrown in for good measure. Centre stage of this expertly crafted bop is the tantalising tones of Raíz himself. Rich with the smooth tone and intricate acrobatics that Raíz has up his highly talented sleeve, ‘Over You’ perfectly demonstrates why this exciting musician is rising the ranks this year. With over four thousand streams since its release a mere week ago, it’s evident that Raíz is a soaring star in the stream of DIY music this year - and whilst Raíz might be over the character in this catchy tune, it’s no doubt we won’t be over Raíz any time soon.



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