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Meet The Funk Master: Marq Electronica

We catch up with the one-man music machine after his fresh release 'Get Down and Work It Out' - available on streaming platforms now.

Tell us about your new solo project!

The project is a culmination of dark synth and funky upbeat electro songs I’ve had for a while but been too shy or nervous to work on or share and these will be released alongside new tracks and collaborations which I’m still working on. My own music and creativity, like most artists, is deeply personal and so there’s a vulnerability attached to getting it out there. I also work two busy jobs so the opportunity to get time to work on my own music is limited. However, since lockdown I couldn’t get together with my bandmates or do my weekend singing job and so with some time and the confidence and knowledge I have gained from working with my band and collaborating with other local artists, I’ve been encouraged to invest in my own creativity and ideas. The process was easier after my experience with my band and advice from local organisations. One track is synth-pop, my next one a dark journey into lost love and possibly a creepy cover/ refix of a queen song too. Then some more completely original electro treats

How would you describe your sound?

There is a definite retro edge to my electro music and in some cases a marriage between traditional instruments and electronica to build a specific atmosphere or feeling, almost impressionistic if you like. This is all held together by my vocals which some say sound like the 80s artist Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet!

When did you first write a song and what was it about?

I was at University and went with a friend to an audition for a band and got the bug so I joined a guitar pop band writing lyrics in collaboration with the guys and the first song was all about not appreciating a love until its too late. Before then it was a lot of poetry.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

I’ve always listened to quite diverse music. My main love is disco, souls and funk, listening to artists like Chic or James Brown. Then powerful music like Skunk Anansie or The Prodigy that introduced me to a more hard edge of music. I always return to ’80s and 90’s Jam and Lewis tracks as well as artists like Goldfrapp, Royksopp and Bjork . Lately, it’s been Disclosure, Wilkinson, Gorgon City, Jessie Ware and MNEK.

What sort of circumstances makes you put pen to paper and write a song?

My inspiration comes from listening to certain sounds or loops that evoke a feeling or a memory and also from things I see or experience. My first track is about having fun whereas my second is about coming to terms with a lost love.

With your new release out into the world, tell us about the inspiration behind your fresh single 'Get Down And Work It Out.'

I was working on other tracks and they were quite dark and I wanted to create something that was fun and basically about the hedonistic party times I was heavily involved in at the time before I grew up and got a mortgage haha.

Who is the best band you've ever seen perform live?

I would say for the atmosphere and bringing the party it was The Brand New Heavies or Disclosure. For just blowing me away completely it has to be Skunk Anansie.

Which three items would you take on a desert island?

Chocolate, a picture of my dog and Fleshtones by Khelis on my IPOD (Fourth of July is still one of my all-time favourite tracks).

What can we expect from Marq Electronica for the rest of the year and going into 2021?

An exciting collaboration with local artists I really respect, and dynamic and atmospheric new original music as a solo performer and my band Sapien Trace. Hopefully some live performances and definitely some streams with exclusive listens to unreleased tracks.

Marq Electronica is planning a live stream on his Facebook page  - which can be accessed here. Watch Marq Electronica's music video for 'Get Down and Work It Out' below!

Find 'Get Down and Work It Out' on Spotify HERE

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