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Project Blackbird deliver their brilliant new album 'If This Is The End'

With their highly-praised debut album 'Endurance' cementing them as a solid and proficient outfit emerging on the scene in 2018, UK-based Project Blackbird are now back to unveil their highly-anticipated follow-up LP 'If This Is The End', a record that sees them grow into their diverse and explorative direction.

Previewed by the full-length's initial single 'Laissons Cela Entre Nous', 'If This Is The End' makes for a rich and textured listen from start to finish. Bringing back more of that multifaceted production that borrows heavily from the worlds of trip-hop and neo-soul, their newest collection is a warm and vibrant release, which looks to build upon their first album and create a broader and more adventurous texture throughout.

With a wonderfully eclectic sound, it feels as though Project Blackbird have fully emerged from their timid shell to deliver something more fearless and atmospheric here. It has this continuous flow that makes it an incredibly easy listen, and gives us a real sense of their intentions as a collective.

Project Blackbird's new album 'If This Is The End' is out TOMORROW 11th March. Watch the video for 'Laissons Cela Entre Nous' here:

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