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Pete Beat Pours With Positivity In Upcoming Single ‘Drinking Lager’

With the upcoming release of his sensational new single ‘Drinking Lager,’ Pete Beat is bursting back onto the scene with his unique sound. This is the first track to be liberated from his upcoming album ‘Before The War’ - the third album from Newcastle-based artist Pete Beat, and features the quirky production style and lyrical slant consistent to each of his previous releases. With two albums under his highly experienced belt and a sea of singles and EP’s making waves in the scene right now, Pete Beat is most definitely no rookie to the scene. Having received both BBC 6 and BBC Newcastle airplay, Pete is gearing up for the musical year of his life as he begins to release his most fully realised body of work to date.

‘Drinking Lager’ is the optimistic anthem we’ve been searching for of late. Once again, Pete beat employs his signature genre-fusing approach to sculpt a single rich with sonic ear candy. “Aiming for a specific genre just doesn’t appeal to me,” Pete says “I’ll always go for what interests me at the time. I think in the earlier days there was benefit in ‘just doing it’ to build your skills, but after writing and recording 400 or so songs over the last 10 years, now I know to wait for inspiration before sitting down to work.” Well, it most certainly worked in this instance. Swimming with synth counter-melodies and a dynamic drum line providing structural support, Pete has sculpted a soundscape that allows his commanding vocals to sail over with ease. Speaking on the long, hot days of the recent summer lockdown, Pete has perfectly encapsulated the silver linings of the recent lockdowns in an infectiously optimistic three and a half minutes. So, as we tentatively tread into the new year, we’re letting Pete Beat colour our daily soundtrack and provide the positivity.


Listen to PETE BEAT ON SPOTIFY NOW - ‘Drinking Lager’ is OUT ON 22nd JANUARY

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