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Our Encounter With A Techno-Human: Meet Celiane The Voice

Celiane The Voice is a driven, passionate and charismatic singer with a truly unique approach. Her music is kaleidoscopic, borrowing from styles as diverse as R&B, Soul, Latin Pop, and even Broadway gigs and Hip-Hopera. Hailing from the Bay Area, California, Celiane is one of those artists who is not afraid to think differently and use their creativity in ways that redefine people’s ideas of what is even possible with music.

We talk to Celiane ahead of her next single release 'Systematic'...

Which artists are you most inspired by and why?

I am actually inspired by Meatloaf. I have such a large list, but I love Meatloaf’s vision. He has a beautiful voice and through his music, he creates an experience. His love for his art comes out through his whole creative process.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your single 'Systematic'?

This release is about releasing yourself from control, of all kinds. During this current time, there is a lot more going on than people realize. I am here to deliver a message to people to help them move forward together, not apart. This particular song is about getting people to wake up, know that they are loved and to urge them to stand together.

What circumstances or events make you write songs?

Songs hit me at strange times. Sometimes one just flows. Other times I can’t create a song at all. I feel my way, rather than trying to think my way through a song. I will pay attention to what is around me but I pay more attention to what needs to be said, more than what is not being said.

What's a day in the studio like for you?

I have to prepare to be there all day. The plan is laid out ahead of time of what we will work on the week before so my producer can be prepared. We always have a specific plan. Lyrics are submitted ahead of time and the vision of the song is discussed ahead of time so that when it comes time to laying down vocals, that is pretty much worked out. Sometimes we have to create new sounds in the session. Sometimes they work, some times they don’t. I love it though. We create, drink jasmine tea, and work really hard.

What's the music scene like where you are?

There are a lot of younger artists where I am - rappers and R&B singers. I also have country bands and rock cover bands where I am. Everyone is just looking for their break. The anime, comicon scene is growing, which is my arena, so I am starting to get more opportunities to perform for eclectic shows. I am so glad the cosplay community is growing in dancing and singing because that opens a lot of doors.

What’s your guilty musical pleasure?

My guilty musical pleasure is Rock music and Goth classical music. I want to sing this music mixed in with some of my style one day.

What do you like most about playing live?

I love to see the faces of the people and I get to connect with them. I love that they don’t know what to think when they see me. But as the show goes on, they are so into it. I love it! There is nothing like connecting live with your audience. It’s like get the experience for yourself first hand.

Tell us more about your approach to making art... Is it DIY or do you have anyone helping out?

Art should include all types of forms to put it across. It doesn’t need to be specific but it should have a story. I have a team that helps me, but I myself have a specific vision. Within my team, I get input and I try to let people create on their own around my vision. I am so grateful for my team and what they bring to the table. When I first presented my idea for this act, they loved it and ran with it and we have been going ever since.

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New single 'Systematic' out this June 13, 2020.

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