• Jade Evans

Not Now Norman Collaborate With Geo Moon for latest single 'My Melody'

The latest release from Not Now Norman is a gripping collab with producer Geo Moon. 'My Melody' is a refreshing contrast to other tracks. At its heart; a powerful message and a captivating vocal from lead singer Taylor-Grace...

Prepare to be swept away by luscious melodies in a song which many will relate to. Overcoming struggle is the main theme of 'My Melody' and this is something Taylor-Grace knows about all too well.

The fusion of Geo's beats and Taylor's vocal and songwriting make for a really interesting listen from start to finish. Clearly a born performer and songstress, Taylor-Grace only discovered her talent after a battle with depression. Her dad, now a guitarist for the band, encouraged her sing along with him as a way to give relief to her inner struggles. The rest is history as they say. As well as expanding her vocal range, the band has also grown into 4 members with the talented Lara Hindhaugh on bass and loud and passionate Doug Scott on drums. And so Not Now Norman was born. The bands lyrics reflect Taylors determination to succeed regardless, and are delivered in a manner true to their message.

Stream 'My Melody' now on all major platforms. Not Now Norman are Playing at Lindisfarne Festival 2021. They are also selling band T-shirts and zoodies on their Facebook