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Noprism Bring The Vibes With Vibrant Single 'Happiness'

Noprism is back with another synth-based banger with the release of their recent release ‘Happiness’

This indie-electro pop duo is made up of Andrew Young and Mark Nelson and offers up a funky fusion of synth-pop, electronica and house. Carving a space unique to them in the electronic landscape, Noprism’s latest single comes off the back of a host of hugely successful songs from the duo. With over one hundred and twenty thousand streams on Spotify this past year alone, Noprism are building on this immense momentum to bring the vibes with their most recent bop ‘Happiness’.

This track is rich with the striking, sawtooth synths and vibrant vocal harmonies that make Noprism such an exciting act rising the ranks this year. With a bass line that will make you do that bass face and a driving drum line continuing throughout the track, ‘Happiness’ is the energetic anthem we’ve been waiting for to lift us out our lockdown funk. Noprism take us on a journey through their sensational skills as each rise and fall of the track is rich with stunning synth melodies and intricate drum breaks. Where the song might suggest that to “choose happiness” to cure your lockdown blues, we suggest starting with this infectious track first.


Listen to 'Happiness' on SPOTIFY HERE

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