• Wilf Hadow

Ninetysix Releases Seductive Single 'Moodswinging'

‘Moodswinging’ is the latest single written, performed and produced by NinetySix, a highly accomplished creative from the Netherlands. The track was created during her time in the Covid-19 lockdown and is no exception to the unique and soulful sound of her previously released repertoire. At first glance, the track seems to draw on her experience of the pandemic, offering assurance in the face of an unclear future, where finding the confidence to start new ventures isn’t easy, and the reciprocating wavering emotions. However, given the highly suggestive lyrics, seductive instrumental, and sensual vocals - not to mention its provocative music video - it seems justified to assume the song is more than just hinting towards the, albeit sympathetic, support of an uncertain lover.

Check out NinetySix's Music Video for 'Moodswinging'

The track opens with an arcade sounding synth, introducing an element of playfulness from the outset. It is soon joined by the soft picking of a sitar-esque guitar, adding a sense of mystery, and the laziest of drum beats. So lazy in fact it appears to occasionally trip up over itself, perhaps personifying the hesitations of whoever the song is addressing. The chords played are characterised by an air of seductiveness, as each note is exposed and savoured in a slow strumming fashion. Although, the majority of this track’s sensuality is created through the vocals, being cool and alluring in their delivery. With this in mind, lyrics such as ‘You don’t need skills if it comes from the heart’ and ‘Don’t get upset just blow off your steam’ shout double entendre. Not to mention the frequent moaning sounds of the melisma. The final result is a laidback groove that is sure to seduce any listener to the distinctive sounds of NinteySix. ‘Moodswinging’, therefore, undoubtedly succeeds in showcasing her talent for songwriting and is yet another vibey addition to the young artist’s name.

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