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Neil March Dares To Be Different

‘Alternatives To Despair’ is the recent edition of Neil March’s very unique sonic universe. March has been crafting music for many years, and obtained a Masters (MMus) and PhD (Doctorate) in composition, at Goldsmiths, studying with Roger Redgate.

This EP is best listened to from start to finish, with each of the four tracks offering a different 'alternative' so to speak. We really feel like we're going on a journey through space and time with this record. As March explains:

"I wanted the music to have resonance with three key stages of my life. They are – growing up on a new town estate near London adjacent to the town’s large and noisy industrial centre; spending long periods of school holidays at my grandparents’ home, a mining town in the heart of the Welsh valleys and my current life as a long-time resident of South East London involved full-time in new music."

The songs are equal parts soothing, uplifting, unnerving and jarring. This EP is like a series of paintings that each differ but are even better viewed alongside each other. In parts one and two, we hear Neil’s vocals for the first time in his musical ventures. These are magically manipulated to reflect the aura of a Welsh Valley’s Male Choir. Neil, thank you for showing us the alternatives, because the results are a breath of fresh air.

As well as creating music, Neil also curates and presents Trust The Doc TV and Trust The Doc Radio. The radio show broadcasts on Exile FM. He promotes the Trust The Doc Live events and the regular Vanishing Point gigs. Read Neil’s full discography here.


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