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My Favourite Songs from Cross-Channel Music’s Upcoming Album ‘Man In A Dream’

Cross-Channel Music’s penchant for catchy, understated indie rock/pop has earned them an avid fan base and ever-increasing popularity. Very soon they will be releasing their full-length album ‘Man In A Dream.’ After giving it a listen, I can assure fans that the album will not disappoint. You will have your favourites, but here are a few of mine.

‘DJs’ is definitely one of my top three favourites. I love the quick, acoustic guitars and the harmonious vocals. The track also has a fantastic build. ‘The Breastbone’ is another great track. It is truly bizarre and has an almost alien quality to it. The vocals are perfectly dissonant, and the guitar is trippy. The melody has an almost nostalgic sound to it. The final track ‘I Had To Make It Up,’ is also incredible. The guitars are bright and quick-paced and are led by the energetic bass and drums. There are also plenty of synthy sound effects as well.

Those are just my favourites, but with so many unforgettable songs, yours are bound to be different. Mine have already changed a couple of times, as each song is worth of being called the ‘best song.’ For now, enjoy 'Butter On Hot Toast', the second single taken from the full album which will be released this 1st October.

STREAM latest single 'Butter On Hot Toast':

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