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Moodbay's Anna Releases Debut Solo Single - 'Creep' Radiohead Cover

Anna Blaise is inspired by people and places. Blaise's work is nostalgic and brooding, a mix of the romantic and the dark. Expect a fusion of R&B, electronic and alt pop with raw storytelling. Blaise's voice is her primary instrument, and she also brings in some classically-inclined piano here and there, alongside modern, minimal electronic percussion, synth pads and melodies. Anna Blaise is based in the North-East, UK. Anna is also one half of electronic pop duo Moodbay who have had their fair share of recent successes, including BBC radio play, big live appearances in the North-East with Metro Radio and are nearing 10k Spotify followers in only a couple of years.

In Anna's own words:

'I am primarily inspired by powerful female artists such as BANKS, Christine & The Queens, Erykah Badu, Lana del Rey, Lykke Li, Anohni, Lorde, Rosie Lowe, Vérité, Grace Jones, Annie Lennox and Kate Bush. 

I developed an unquenchable thirst for writing songs whilst living in France & Italy. I used to pretend I was in a movie, strolling along writing lyrics with a notebook and pencil... how predictable! I spent a good few years in Paris, Venice and Florence, and also Oxford where I studied French language and literature. Then I moved to Manchester and everything got more gritty, more real... and this was the city I fell in love with the most. Now I'm back in the North-East and absolutely loving it. Reality is I'm down-to-earth, northern, and a bit scatterbrained, or as some might say 'away with the fairies'. Having said that though, I don't like labels and I don't believe you can sum up the essence of someone in a few words so actually forget any of what I just said please.

Besides, that's why I like music. At least with the help of melody, a drum beat, a singing voice and a stage, you can convey a lot more than you could do ordinarily. That's why I will never shut away my artist self - are you crazy, she couldn't be silenced anyway, she would just refuse. I am tired of being timid and ready to be fierce. How to be fierce? Just be your own chaotic self and don't apologise for it. I think we all have so many sides that make up that 'self'... but I think we're taught to morph all of these selves into one, and labelled crazy if we do something 'out of character'. But actually, it's normal to be a messy number of different things. It's all me. It's all you.

I've always felt a little lost, but by creating something from the residue of everyday experiences, I eventually remember who I am again. Performing is my favourite part of making music... to be able to express to others something you felt or feel... and people want to listen!? That's magical. Expect to hear some French lyrics too. I am excited to combine the musical and visual sides of my artistic self and I hope that people will find solace, comfort or just plain entertainment in what I do... I have always loved art and painting and I am passionate about art history... expect to see some thoughtful combinations coming your way.

My cover of 'Creep' is my debut release, and original music will follow from July 2020 onwards.'

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Listen to 'Creep' here

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